CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) is a breakthrough technology in dental restorations that allows our office to provide custom dental crowns in just one visit. They are perfectly fitted to match your smile. CEREC crowns utilize the latest 3D technology to create a custom dental crown in our office during your initial appointment.

Benefits of same day crowns

Crowns are often used to cover a tooth after a root canal, to fix and protect broken or cracked tooth or strengthen a tooth at risk of becoming so, to improve esthetics, or to support a bridge. However, while other crowns require uncomfortable tray impressions and two visits with a temporary tooth between, CEREC crowns provide all the benefits of a traditional crown, but require only one visit.

Cerec crowns are made from durable material and fit your bite perfectly in the same visit. The scan of your teeth is minimally invasive and is very precise.

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